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H2 Audio 2128 500-Series mic pre

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The H2 Audio 2128 is a 500 series mic preamp based on the iconic Helios found on the Helios console at Olympic studios.

The H2 Audio 2128 delivers up to 70dB of gain and includes all the usual controls including a -20dB pad, polarity reversal switch and 48V phantom power. It also includes a selectable high-pass filter. Several improvements have also been included to make them fit in modern workflows, including a new Cinemag Input transformer and an output section that includes an output transformer and an output fader.

The H2 Audio 2128 recreates the unmistakable sound of the Helios 0011 pre with its characteristic larger than life and open sound heard on some of the most legendary records in history by the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie and many more.

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