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Heritage Audio GRANDCHILD 670

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Pre-order Now! Coming December 2023.

Introducing the Heritage Audio GRANDCHILD 670 The HA-GRANDCHILD670 - GRANDCHILD 670 - 500 Series Vari-Mu Stereo Compressor

The First Ever Stereo Vari-Mu Compressor in a 2-Slot 500 Series Module The GRANDCHILD 670 is the first-ever stereo Vari-Mu compressor in a 2-slot 500 series module, inspired by the legendary Fairchild and Heritage Audio's HERCHILD model 670. Heritage Audio has embarked on an extraordinary engineering journey to capture all the enchantment of the HERCHILD 670 in a more affordable unit.

A Masterpiece for Mixing and Mastering The GRANDCHILD 670 is a stellar choice for both mixing and mastering. At its core, it boasts 4 NOS tubes and 3 transformers, providing warmth and punch to any track with virtually no noise or distortion. With 5 attack and release times, it offers even more flexibility than the original unit. The progressive DC threshold control, which combines the ratio and knee settings, allows for a wide range of dynamic processing, from smooth, transparent compression to hard limiting.

Experience the Timeless Sound of Legends Indulge in the sound that has graced thousands of hits throughout the years. Feel the warmth as it envelops your tracks and makes them stand out proudly. The GRANDCHILD 670 inherits the soul of its predecessors, the Fairchild and HERCHILD 670, ensuring that the extraordinary tube compression that has shaped countless classic tunes is now within reach as a 2-slot 500 series module.

- Vari-Mu Stereo Compressor
- A true recreation of the classic Fairchild sound in a convenient and affordable 2-slot-unit 500 series module.
- Real Vari-Mu compression powered by 2 NOS military grade 6BA6 tubes per channel and 3 custom made transformers at its core.
- 5 Attack and Release times have been made even more flexible than in the original unit.
- Immediate access to the continuously variable slope.
- Clean, intelligent design to guarantee many years of use.

Technical Specifications
- Tubes: 4x 6BA6 NOS
- Dimenstions (H x W x L): 133 x 180 x 75 mm (2 slot 500 series)
- Weight: 1.12 kg