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Malcolm Toft PUNISHR

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The PUNISHR is a unique piece of audio equipment that at it’s heart, has the ability to add three different types of harmonic distortion with 4 tonal shaping processing paths. But that is only the beginning…We hope you enjoy creating sonic mayhem!

  • Analogue Harmonic Distortion Module

  • 4 Tonal Shaping Processing Paths

  • 3 Different types of distortion : SYM, ASYM and IRON 

  • SYM : Symmetrical distortion - where both sides of the waveform are clipped

  • ASYM : Asymmetrical distortion - where only one side of the waveform is clipped

  • IRON : Iron Transformer Saturation

  • Input Drive LED designed to illuminate when a steady signal (or tone) reaches 0dbm

  • Individual Bypass LED switches and Level control for each Distortion Circuit

  • Automatic gain levelling circuitry

  • 1970’s inspired shelving EQ at 100hz and 8khz

  • Sweepable High Pass Filter from 30Hz to 350Hz

  • Sweepable Low Pass Filter from 1.5kHz to 20 kHz

  • Smooth 12db per octave Musical Filter Slopes

  • EQ/Filter circuit can be placed Pre or Post the Distortion Circuits

  • SUM mode feeds the input to all 3 Distortion Circuits simultaneously

  • Overall continuously variable Dry / Wet Mix Control

  • Made in the UK

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