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PSI Audio AVAA C20

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Active Bass Trap

True active bass absorption (and not noise cancelling) – the AVAA C20 is the first of its kind. Many people from the audio industry call it a revolution.

Easy to set up and move, no calibration required, and efficient like passive absorbers 25 times its size, the AVAA C20 takes care of any room modes between 15 Hz and 150 Hz.

  • The AVAA absorbs room modes between 15 and 150 Hz

  • 100% ANALOGUE, no DSP, no latency

  • as effective as a perfect passive absorber up to 25 times its size

  • No calibration or settings are required

  • No sound emitted and no alteration of the sound source

  • 2 AVAAs will make a significant difference in normal sized room

  • Works in any type of room: recording, mixing, mastering, listening…


Why we created the AVAA technology

The idea of the AVAA was born in the late 90s when we were testing PSI Audio monitors in mixing and recording studios and realized their behaviour differed significantly from room to room. Acoustically, some studios were well treated, but many lacked absorption. The main issues were always linked to room modes and the low end being far less precise than it should have been.

It took until 2012 that we finally had the opportunity to launch the AVAA project with the help of two Swiss Universities who supported the project for three years. We knew what we wanted, but how to do it was a different story. Thanks to the best engineers in electronics and electroacoustics, we finally came up with this amazing active bass trap.

At first, we only meant to use our innovative product for better demonstrating our studio monitors, but it rapidly gained a great reputation and the interest grew fast.