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Shadow Hills

Shadow Hills Industries is discrete, non-compromise solid-state gear with that classy 1940s look.

Shadwo Hills Industry – classy sounding and looking

Why is the Company named „Shadow Hills Industries“?

Shadow Hills is a neighbourhood in Los Angeles, California. Peter Reardon, who engineered Coolio's „Gangsta's Paradise“, Clawfinger and others and worked for NASA, founded his company – and named it Shadow Hills Industries.

The company moved to Texas but kept its name. Peter Reardon startet building what he needed for his work and noticed he always got superb feedback for it and people wanted to buy it.

Shadow Hills Industry is not only about the looks – but hey: LOOK at that gear!

Shadow Hills Industrie's gear is rated by many people in the business the best-looking audio products of all time. There is a stylish 1940's / Art-Déco-design to all of their products. The consistent old-school forties design is a magnet in every recording studio and puts a smile on everybody's face. Shadow Hills look great, but everybody agrees it's not primarily style that counts. But also in terms of sound and built quality, Shadow Hills is also absolutely top-notch! Oh, and the bulky bakelite knobs (You know the saying: Everything biggerr in Texas!), the massive switches are pure tactile bliss.

Buying Shadow Hills means investing in discrete processors that are built to last

Shadow Hills Industries is a no-compromise-brand. All units are built without integrated circuits (ICs) and with highest quality components available. This means: You will always be able to service these units. If you buy a Shadow Hills product, you can clearly see it as an investment and probably inherit it to your grandchildren.

Shadow Hills have incredible channel/ stereo matching, low noise, distortion only where and when wanted. The gear may sound like it is from the golden tube area, but in fact is solid state. The only tubes used are „magic eyes“ used in a couple of units.

Switchable output transformers

Transformers can influence the sound. Most products feature switchable output transformers. So nickel, iron, in some cases steel or discrete out can give you the sound character your signal needs.

Most important product (not only for Shadow Hills): The Mastering Compressor

The gigantic Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor is a dynamic masterpiece you might have probably seen somewhere on pictures. It is one of the most re-known (and certainly: recognisable) outboard processors on the market. You do find this compressors in a lot of mastering studios around the world, if not in most of them.

It is a dual mono or stereo operating compressor with both optical and VCA sections. They can be set and activated independently. Despite its name, the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor is also pure gold for tracking and makes a wonderful bus compressor as well. This massive compressor can do anything from technical and inaudible compression to wringing out, saturating and smashing. It is not cheap, which is true, but there has been not a single compromise in creating and building it.

There is a less expensive way to have a stereo signal compressed by Shadow Hills Industries: The Dual Vandergraf. This is a two-unit 500 series stereo compressor derived from the Mastering Compressor's discrete dynamics section. The output transformer has an iron core.

Shadow Hills' preamps, monitoring and summing

The mic preamps Shadow Hills build use Jensen input transformers and let you choose between trannys and transformerless (for maximum clarity on the output. There are 19“ four channel versions available (Quad GAMA) and also the single-channel Series 500 Mono GAMA.

The Shadow Hills Equinox features two GAMA preamps, but is also a monitoring controller with talkback and a 30-channel-summing-amp!

Lots of features for monitoring is what the 19“/2U Shadow Hills Oculus offers. It has a wireless control unit called Pendant, fitting every workstation – and of course looking absolutely gorgeous.

Shadow Hills Industries at a glance

  • discrete solid-state audio paths
  • highest quality components
  • incredible 1940s look
  • producers of the divine Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
  • Made in USA (Texas, to be more precise)
  • Shadow Hills PSU

    Shadow Hills PSU

    The new and improved Shadow Hills Power Supply for Equinox, Quad Gama, Mastering Compressor.

    €1,439.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €1,209.24 (Ex. Tax)
  • Shadow Hills Monogama

    Shadow Hills Monogama

    The Mono GAMA is the single-channel API 500 Series version of the Golden Age Microphone Amp, with all the capabilities, features, and quality of the original. The Shadow Hills Mono Gama is centered...

    €1,579.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €1,326.89 (Ex. Tax)
  • Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

    Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

    *Shadow Hills PSU not included!* The Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor has extraordinary functionality, and also provides mastering grade compression and limiting for tracking and mixing. Essentially...

    €12,399.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €10,419.33 (Ex. Tax)
  • Shadow Hills Equinox

    Shadow Hills Equinox

    Shadow Hills PSU not included* The Shadow Hills Equinox is like a complete small-format recording console in just 2 rack spaces. It features 2 GAMA mic preamps, 30 channels of analog summing, and a...

    €7,899.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €6,637.82 (Ex. Tax)
  • Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph

    Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph

    The Shadow Hills Dual Vandergraph is a direct descendant of the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor and maintains its reputation of unquestionable quality and exceptional performance - in a 500...

    €3,699.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €3,108.40 (Ex. Tax)