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Trinnov Audio NOVA

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Trinnov is pleased to introduce NOVA, the first of a new generation of pro audio products. NOVA will be coming to market after 4 years of extensive research and development across multiple areas.

“I am very excited to be able to finally reveal the extraordinary work that our R&D team has accomplished over the past 4 years in terms of hardware design, software development and user experience.” said Arnaud Laborie, CEO and co-founder. 

NOVA differs from the previous product generation in that it’s PC-less. Trinnov’s new Audio Core utilizes an ARM processor that provides the computational power necessary for full Trinnov processing of a limited number of channels, without the need of an additional CPU or fans.

NOVA will be introduced in the year of our 20th anniversary. This new platform enables us to address a wider market with more cost-effective solutions for stereo and small surround applications, and ultimately to support our continued growth as a business. We developed it with the same commitment to performance and sustainability as the previous platform. This includes the ability to develop and maintain the same software across both hardware platforms” added Arnaud Laborie.




NOVA is set to become the new studio essential for music makers, providing 3 main functions. 

Trinnov’s Optimizer is NOVA’s main feature. Trinnov’s exclusive room correction and acoustic optimization technology is acclaimed by the most renowned sound engineers and music producers. NOVA can process and optimize up to 6 channels, including bass management. 

Nova is not just a digital acoustic processor, it is also a powerful monitoring controller with no limitations in mind. From choosing your speaker sets to creating all kinds of downmixes and alternate cues.

Finally, via the Dante Virtual Sound card, NOVA can be used as an audio interface for direct DAW-to-monitoring integration.

Compact Digital Audio Processor (1U-19" rack format) featuring Trinnov Optimizer technology and additional advanced monitoring functions:

  • ●  Comprehensive set of analog and digital I/Os

  • ●  Dante Audio Interface (8in x 8out)

  • ●  2 channels of Loudspeaker/Room Optimization

    included, upgradable to 6

  • ●  Handles multiple stereo or a single 5.1 speaker set

  • ●  Bass management

  • ●  Full control via Trinnov La Remote,

  • ●  Eucon compatible (S1, S3, S6)