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Wes Audio NG76

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WesAudio ng76: Next-Generation FET Compressor with Digital Recall and Automation

Redefining the Analog Experience

The WesAudio ng76 is a revolutionary next-generation FET compressor that seamlessly blends the classic analog sound of legendary FET compressors with the convenience of modern digital control. This groundbreaking unit delivers the renowned lightning-fast compression and punchy sonic character that has made FET compressors a staple in recording studios for decades, while introducing innovative features that enhance its versatility and workflow integration.

Key Features:

  • 100% analog FET compressor with 24dBu of headroom

  • Two mono-channel devices can be linked together through dedicated software for true stereo compression or dual mono compression

  • MIX knob for parallel compression

  • Carnhill transformers (input and output) for added warmth and sonic saturation

  • Saturation mode for introducing additional harmonic distortion

  • Two independent side chain EQ circuits for precise control over the compression response

  • THD (total harmonic distortion) control for tailoring the compressor's sonic character

Digital Control for Enhanced Workflow

The ng76 goes beyond traditional analog compressors by incorporating sophisticated digital control features that elevate its versatility and integration into modern DAW environments.

  • Full plugin control through VST2/VST3/AU/AAX/AAX DSP for compatibility with virtually any DAW

  • Total Recall for saving and recalling compressor settings

  • Analog Automation for automating compressor parameters within your DAW

  • Ethernet and USB connectivity for seamless integration with your digital workflow

Industry Acclaim

The ng76 has garnered rave reviews from industry professionals who have praised its exceptional sound quality and innovative features.

  • Toby Francis, Front of House Engineer/Mixing Engineer: "I like the WesAudio stuff mainly for how it sounds."

  • Tony Maserati, Grammy Award Winning Mixer/Engineer: "This is technology that I've been waiting for a long time."

  • Stuart White, Grammy Award Winning Mixer/Engineer: "I did a lot of a/b with my other SSL clones and plugins. I find that ngBusComp sounds better than all of them."

Elevate Your Audio Productions

The WesAudio ng76 represents a significant leap forward in analog compressor design, offering an unparalleled blend of classic analog sound, modern digital control, and exceptional sonic versatility. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring producer, the ng76 is an indispensable tool for achieving world-class audio productions.