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Barefoot Sound Footprint01 (White)

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Introducing the Footprint01™: A Cutting-Edge 3-Way Active Speaker

Discover the revolutionary Footprint01™, a dynamic 3-way speaker meticulously crafted with Barefoot's renowned signature designs. Boasting state-of-the-art Dual-Force™ technology with opposing subwoofers, a dual ring radiator tweeter, and Multi-Emphasis Monitor Emulation™ technology, this speaker shares its lineage with the esteemed MicroMain and MasterStack monitor lines.

Experience audio like never before with the Footprint01™, featuring dual 8-inch paper cone subwoofers, a 4-inch aluminum cone midrange driver, and a 1-inch dual ring radiating tweeter. All these components are meticulously designed, reflecting the hallmark quality of Barefoot's other top-tier products.

Power and Precision in One Package

Equipped with a 2-way DSP crossover, the Footprint01™ delivers optimal performance. Dual Class D amplifier modules power the subwoofers with an impressive 500W, while the mid- and high-frequency drivers receive 150W for a remarkable audio experience. The passive crossover network seamlessly blends the midrange driver and the tweeter, ensuring a harmonious soundscape.

Innovative Speaker Geometry for Unparalleled Acoustics

The Footprint01™ incorporates a unique speaker geometry with the midrange woofer placed above the tweeter. This ingenious design creates an acoustic focus at the center of the cabinet, resulting in unparalleled sound precision.

A High-End Audio Solution for Any Workspace

Barefoot Sound has always been synonymous with providing audio professionals exceptional sound quality, wide dynamic range, and extended bass for every stage of audio production. Now, with the introduction of the Footprint01™, this unparalleled audio technology is available to professionals working in various environments.

Whether you're in a home-based studio, a smaller writing or editing room, or working on-the-go, the Footprint01™ caters to evolving modern workflows. Composers, songwriters, musicians, beat-makers, post-production specialists, and audio professionals of all kinds can now experience the legendary Barefoot sound, regardless of their work environment.

Upgrade your audio experience with the Footprint01™ and unlock a new world of sonic possibilities. Embrace the future of reference monitor speaker design with Barefoot Sound's latest innovation.