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Buzz Audio

  • Buzz Audio Zodiak

    Buzz Audio Zodiak

    The "Tilt-n-Filter" EQ idea was delivered to us by Zak Cohen, owner of the Woodshop Recording Studio, and it is based on a series of plug-ins Zak would routinely set up to equalize music tracks...

    €1,869.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €1,570.59 (Ex. Tax)
  • Buzz Audio Velox

    Buzz Audio Velox

    The Velox sports the same amazing compression character of the original SOC-1.1 but we have added a MIX control so you can blend the input signal with the compressor output, and we have...

    €1,939.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €1,629.41 (Ex. Tax)
  • Buzz Audio Tonic

    Buzz Audio Tonic

    tone control If you wish to add some tone to your recordings, the Tonic is the perfect choice - it is excellent for applying broad eq strokes right across the audio spectrum. The versatile mid band...

    €899.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €755.46 (Ex. Tax)
  • Buzz Audio SOC-M

    Buzz Audio SOC-M

    mastering focus Due to popular demand we have released a mastering version of the SOC-20 optical compressor. The SOC-M mastering version replaces the DRIVE and GAIN pots of the SOC-20 with...

    €3,189.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €2,679.83 (Ex. Tax)
  • Buzz Audio SOC-20

    Buzz Audio SOC-20

    The entire audio path of the SOC-20 optical compressor is made using our proprietary Class A discrete transistor BE41 amplifiers with a Lundahl LL1517 transformer at the output. A special...

    €2,619.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €2,200.84 (Ex. Tax)
  • Buzz Audio REQ-2.2

    Buzz Audio REQ-2.2

    The REQ-2.2 mastering equalizer utilises parallel resonant circuits in a clever configuration whereby the bandwidth (Q) of the circuit can be adjusted like an active filter, but without any complex...

    €7,569.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €6,360.50 (Ex. Tax)
  • Buzz Audio QSP-20

    Buzz Audio QSP-20

    So what makes the QSP-20 preamp sound so good? The audio input feeds directly into our Class A discrete BE41 amplifiers via high end Wima coupling capacitors for the ultimate in clarity and...

    €2,619.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €2,200.84 (Ex. Tax)
  • Buzz Audio MA-2.2B

    Buzz Audio MA-2.2B

    The circuitry used in the MA-2.2B preamp was developed by Buzz Audio designer Tim Farrant in the 1990's and was dubbed "True Class A". The resulting BE40 series of amplifiers exhibit very...

    €2,559.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €2,150.42 (Ex. Tax)
  • Buzz Audio Essence

    Buzz Audio Essence

    control genius You may know the sound of vintage optical compressors like the Teletronix LA2A, but often you need more control than just 2 knobs. So we present an enhanced design - the Essence - with...

    €1,009.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €847.90 (Ex. Tax)
  • Buzz Audio Elixir Buzz Audio Elixir

    Buzz Audio Elixir

    All discrete signal path using our True Class A BE40 amplifiers at the input and BE50 high current line drivers to excite the Lundahl LL1517 output transformer. The topology is...

    €819.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €688.24 (Ex. Tax)
  • Buzz Audio DBC-M

    Buzz Audio DBC-M

    The DBC-M is a Mastering version of the popular Buzz Audio DBC-20 diode bridge compressor and offers fully switched control for repeatable settings. The diode bridge gain reduction element...

    €2,669.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €2,242.86 (Ex. Tax)
  • Buzz Audio DBC-20

    Buzz Audio DBC-20

    The most well known audio compressor that uses a diode bridge as the gain reduction element would have to be the Neve 2254. The DBC is not a copy of the 2254 - but it is the inspiration for the...

    €1,699.00 (Inc. Tax)
    €1,427.73 (Ex. Tax)