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Elysia Xpressor NEO

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elysia introduces their new version of its popular compressor.


Nettetal / Germany (December 06, 2022) - elysia GmbH (, developer, manufacturer and distributor of high-quality and handcrafted analog studio hardware made in Germany, today announced that the new version of their popular xpressor is now available as xpressor|neo.

Since its release in 2010, the xpressor became one of the most modern, sophisticated compressors in the audio world in an absolutely affordable price range and found its way to many studios around the world.
elysia re-engineered and re
fined their famous compressor and the results are stunning. More Depth, more transparency, and more three dimensional processing packed in a new hardware design. xpressor|neo takes what its original version elysia xpressor is skillfully capable of and opens up new sonic dimensions.

elysia reworked the circuit design to give users even more sonic depth to fall in love with. The popular feature sets of the xpressor remain but the neo’s new stereo width and phantom center bring a new level of audio processing with sonic qualities that are known to be deeply embedded in elysia’s philosophy and therefore all of the designs, driven by the puristic architecture of their flagship compressor, the alpha compressor. xpressor|neo got significantly closer to its DNA and is a powerful tool to let audio enthusiasts and recording artists work sounds the way they envision it.

elysia GmbH | Am Panneschopp 18 | 41334 Nettetal | Germany | +49 2157 87044-0 |

elysia worked also on their hardware design. The new faceplate is less light-reflective and gives users a better look at the values of potentiometers. In their milling process, they’ve relocated the cut edges from the mid of the face plate to its sides. They now appear much more prominent and beautifully reflect the lighting of the users mixing or mastering studios. For sharper and cleaner graphics, the labels and values are laser engraved and they will not wear off during lifetime use. The graphical values for the gain reduction LEDs were changed, the buttons have now a little dent and the knobs have a slightly different finish to grant a better feel.

xpressor|neo Highlights

  • Re-Engineering of the popular xpressor stereo analog compressor

  • Class-A Topology

  • Parallel processing and Side Chain Out-/Inputs to save precious converter channels and internal

    computer processing power

  • Gain Reduction Limiter with precise and bright LEDs

  • Creative Negative Ratios

  • Warm Mode

  • Auto Fast for compressing very high peaks even with slow attack values automatically

  • Logarithmic and linear release curves

  • High-quality and light construction in aluminum housing - All made in Germany

  • Laser-engraved labeling for a more precise display of the parameters

  • Mastering grade world-class stereo processing quality for an incredibly fair price point

  • 41 stepped potentiometers

  • Available as 19“ Rack (1U), 500 Module, and xpressor|neo qube

    “I’m proud I’ve continued developing and optimizing our xpressor to the next level. Not only in terms of its sound.“ says Ruben Tilgner, chief developer, founder, and CEO of elysia GmbH. He adds: "Especially the new hardware designs are stunning and we have the ability for our creative way to swiftly manufacture and design our products thanks to our investment in our new factory.“