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Cranborne Audio Carnaby HE2

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Elevate Your Audio Game with the Cranborne Audio Carnaby HE2 3-Band Harmonic EQ®

Unleash the true potential of your audio with the Cranborne Audio Carnaby HE2, a revolutionary 3-band Harmonic EQ® that infuses your audio with euphonic analog saturation and unparalleled versatility.

At a Glance:

    • Harmonic Magic: Experience the unique magic of Cranborne Audio's proprietary HarmonicEQ® technology. This innovative approach goes beyond traditional EQ, sculpting and refining your audio with genuine analog harmonic saturation for a distinctive sonic signature.
    • 3-Band Parametric EQ with Unmatched Flexibility: Whether you're mastering, mixing, or crafting sound design masterpieces, the Carnaby HE2 delivers three fully bypassable and interactive HarmonicEQ® bands per channel. Each band boasts 10dB of boost/cut and overlapping, sweepable frequency controls for ultimate precision.
    • Tailored Harmonic Blending: Just like its predecessor, the Carnaby 500, the HE2 imbues each band with a unique harmonic blend optimized for its frequency range. The HI band (5kHz-25kHz) adds shimmering air and breath with smooth saturation, ideal for vocals and acoustic instruments. The LO band (20Hz-420Hz) extends sub-harmonics into the audible spectrum for subtle warmth or extreme saturation. And the MID band (200Hz-6.2kHz) infuses harmonic emphasis across the midrange, bringing your audio to life.
    • Dynamic Response for Artistic Freedom: Unlike static EQs, the Carnaby HE2 reacts dynamically, intensifying harmonics and total boost/cut as you push the circuits harder. This dynamic response unlocks a world of creative possibilities, from pristine EQ adjustments to enhanced saturation and distortion effects.
    • Seamless Digital Control: Take complete command with remote operation via USB or Ethernet network. The intuitive control plugin integrates seamlessly with your DAW, providing real-time control and recall for an efficient and streamlined workflow. Save and load presets effortlessly, fine-tune settings with precision, and unlock the full potential of the Carnaby HE2 from the comfort of your DAW.
    • Per-Band Bypass for Surgical Precision: Achieve unmatched accuracy with individual bypass for each of the three frequency bands. This feature allows you to solo and audition each band, making it easier than ever to dial in the perfect sound.
    • Extended HF & LF Shaping: Refine your audio with surgical precision using the dedicated HF and LF cut controls with individual bypass options. Tame unwanted high frequencies or sculpt the perfect low-end with pinpoint accuracy.
    • Masterful Mid/Side Processing: Take your mixes and masters to the next level with built-in Mid/Side processing. Apply HarmonicEQ® to the mid (center) and side (stereo width) components of your signal independently, all without the need for additional hardware. The Carnaby HE2 handles encoding and decoding seamlessly, offering you unprecedented control over your stereo image.
    • Outboard Hardware Integration: Expand your creative palette with per-channel TRS inserts. These inserts sit post-M/S encoding and pre-M/S decoding, allowing you to seamlessly integrate your favorite outboard hardware before your signal enters the HarmonicEQ® processing chain.

The Cranborne Audio Carnaby HE2 is more than just an EQ; it's a sonic sculpting tool that will inspire creativity and elevate your audio to new heights.


Technical Data

Test Signal Path

APx555 (Line Out) - Input - Line Output - APx555 (Line In)

Max Input Level

+26.0dBu (<0.003% THD)

Max Output Level +26.0dBu (<0.003% THD)

Noise Floor

<-93dBu all bands bypassed

Input Impedance

Line = 10 kOhms

Output Impedance

Line = 150 Ohms

Current Draw

140mA per rail - idle, 160mA peak

EQ Specifications

Hi Band

Filter Type

High Shelf Filter

Frequency Range

 5kHz - 25kHz

Boost/Cut ±12dB,  @ -6dBu
 +13dB, - 18dB, @ +14dBu


~8% THD+N (100Hz, +4dBu)
~12% THD+N (100Hz, +14dBu)

Mid Band
Filter Type Peak Filter
Frequency Range 200Hz - 6.2kHz
Boost/Cut ±5dB @ -6dBu
+10dB, - 18dB @ +14dBu
Harmonics ~8% THD+N (100Hz, +4dBu)
~12% THD+N (100Hz, +14dBu)
Lo Band
Filter Type Low Shelf Filter
Frequency Range 20Hz - 420Hz
Boost/Cut ±8.5dB @ -6dBu
 ±12dB @ +14dBu
Harmonics ~8% THD+N (100Hz, +4dBu)
~12% THD+N (100Hz, +14dBu)

Hi Cut Filter
Type Progressive slope low-pass filter
Slope 1st order - 3db per octave
2nd order - 6db per octave
3rd order - 12dB per octave
Frequency Range  -3db, 8kHz -40kHz

Lo Cut Filter
Type Progressive slope high-pass filter
Slope 1st order - 6db per octave
2nd order - 12db per octave
3rd order - 18dB per octave
Frequency Range  -3db, 18Hz -180Hz
1/4" TRS Inserts
Type Balanced, dedicated send & return, normalled
Config Post M/S encoding & Carnaby, pre M/S decoding
Max Input Level (return) +26.0dBu (<0.003% THD+N)
Max Output Level (send) +26.0dBu (<0.003% THD+N)

Type Encoder/decoder
Matrix Sum-difference matrix


Operating Temperature

+1 to 35 degrees Celsius

Storage Conditions

-20 to 50 degrees Celsius

Width 48.3cm (19”) (Rackmount)
Height 8.9cm (3.5") (2u)
Depth 23.6cm (9.3")
Unit Weight 6kg (13lbs)
Shipping carton
Width 60cm (23.6")
Height 18cm (7")
Depth 35cm (13.8")
Carton Weight 6.5 kg (14 lbs)